Our collection of miscellanea Chinese antiques

DIV27 - A cast iron burner from Shanxi province, 18th or 19th century

Diameter: 22,5 cm Height 25 cm

475 Euro

DIV25 - A rectangular cast iron burner from Shanxi province

WxDxH 18,5x14,5x11,5 cm

425 Euro

DIV23 - A sturdy cast-iron pot

Daoguang period mark reading 15th year (1835), ninth month

Height 31 cm, diameter 25 cm

375 Euro

DIV21 - A very large cast iron incense burner from Shanxi province

Qianlong, 16th year (1751)

Height: 51cm (rim)/56 cm (ear) Diameter: 54 cm

5650 Euro

DIV13 - A lacquered food box containing 6 dishes

Shanxi province

Late 18th or early 19th century

425 Euro

DIV03 - A round cast iron incense burner

Shanxi province

Kangxi 41 years (1701)

height 24 cm, Diameter 23 cm

625 Euro

DIV07 - A long bench or table

Shanxi or Gansu province

204 x 48 x 53 cm

350 Euro

DIV28 - A round cast iron burner, Shanxi province, ca. 19th century

Height 14 cm; diameter 17 cm

275 Euro

DIV26 - A small rectangular cast iron burner from Shanxi province

WxDxH 13,5x9x13 cm

210 Euro

DIV24 - A good pair of wrought iron stirrups, Tibet or Mongolia

18th or 19th century

Height 15 cm

275 Euro

DIV14 - A rectangular cast iron burner

Shanxi province

Daoguang 28 year mark (1848)

33 x 18,5 x 20,5 cm

425 Euro

DIV06 - Old marble milling stones

Height 60 cm, Diameter 27 cm

95 Euro (each)