- Connoisseurship of Chinese Furniture: Ming and Early Qing Dynasties (2 Volumes), Wang Shixiang. ISBN 1878529013
Masterwork on classical furniture. It deeply goes into topics as kinds of wood used, construction and history of furniture making.

- C.L. Ma Collection: Traditional Chinese Furniture from the Greater Shanxi Region, Curtis Evarts. ISBN 9627956198
Standard work on furniture from Shanxi province. Evarts describes 148 pieces of furniture accompagnied by very good pictures.


- Silks for Thrones and Altars- Chinese Costumes and Textiles, John E. Vollmer. ISBN 2951883617
My favourite book on Chinese textiles. Lots of great pictures.

- When Silk was Gold- Central Asian and Chinese Textiles, James C.Y. Watt & Anne E. Wardwell. ISBN0870998250
Superior catalogue for an exhibition in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1998. It tells the story of the Silk Route, the distribution of textiles along it and cross-over influences that were at work.

Pottery & Porcelain:

- Chinese Ceramics, He Li. ISBN050028623X
Standard work on all periods of Chinese Ceramics. With over 700 illustrations in colour.


- Worshipping the Ancestors- Chinese commemorative Portaits, Jan Stuart & Evelyn S. Rawski. ISBN0804742626
In depth study on Chinese ancestor portraits, itís history and function. With many illustrations.

- Chinese Portraits- The Muwen Tang Collection Series, Simon Kwan. ISBN9889720620
Highly informative catalogue on 106 paintings ranging from the Ming period till the late Qing. Good colour illustrations.