A very large cast iron incense burner from Shanxi province with full mark and texts. The mark reads: - Qianlong, 16th year (1751)- in the 10th month- Tang Kang Tie made me. There are names mentioned from families who donated money to make the piece, the fact that it was made in the Qing Dynasty and the weight: 88 units (probably katti)of iron. The texts further mention that it was made in Tansien County at the time that Cilu Enfu(?) was gouverner and 4 more names of donating families. Height: 51cm (rim)/5 6cm (ear) Diameter: 54 cm. Condition: like many of these vessels it has been used after the revolution as cement and chalk-tub. It has been cleaned but there are some traces left. In general good condition, no cracks. Some tiny chips missing from the rim.