A portable cabinet, Shanxi province, ca. 1700. This type of furniture was made to store manuscripts and ink and pens. It was meant to be taken along on journeys, hence the strong handles on the sides. Because of all the dragging and bouncing on carts this type of cabinet is normally found in a very poor condition. The fact that with this one all the four pieces of wood of the lower frame are still in place is already exceptional. these are almost always lost and replaced. The black lacquer is applied on a layer of plant fibers and textile; this is an early technique. the cabinet was decorated around with paintings but of these not much is left due to wear. What can be distinguished are human figures and parts of temple buildings with fine details in gold lacquer. All hardware is original but the blacksmith made the mistake to deliver four right side hinges. Because of this the left door “hangs” when opened and closed and it damaged a bit; 300 years of annoyance! The long female figures on the sides remind of the figures of Kangxi period porcelain and this is probably the period the cabinet was made. A rare example in reasonable condition. Dim.: WxDxH 84x56x65cm. €1.750