Low model two-door cabinet, Shanxi province, late Ming / early Qing period, 17th century. The outside is finished in a red and black lacqer over a fabric lining. On the doors there is an embossed decoration in lacquer of blossoming branches and birds. The colors this decoration once must have had, are gone. The doors’s insides are finished in a more thin lacquer coating. The cabinet as shown here, is besides repairs on both back legs, yet untouched. Hardware on the locks is missing. The brass hinges with studs it once must have had and of which the holes are visible, have been replaced in the 18th century with wrought-iron ones. Shelf-board is missing. Ornament on one front leg is missing. All of this has yet to be brought back in the original condition. Dim.: WxDxH 98x62x90cm