Warehouse clearance


Since 1997 I have started importing authentic antique Chinese furniture and objects which I supply to dealers and collectors. I travel to China myself and select the pieces I consider interesting on the spot.

Over the years my dissatisfaction with methods and quality of restoration-work on furniture done in China has increased considerably.

That is why I only buy items which are in an as perfect as possible and, more importantly, untouched, authentic condition. As far as restoration is required, I do the work myself, with utmost precision as to maintain as much of its original character as possible. No bigger challenge for me than an item even older than the previous one!
It goes without saying that all this is very time consuming but, in my opinion, the only approach to letting a piece of Chinese antique furniture keep its authenticity AND its value for the future at the same time.

On this site you find an ample overview of items available at present.

Mikeal Jaspers