Our collection of antique Chinese paintings

PA19 - Painting of a dignitary in an imperial yellow robe

Shanxi province

aprox 1800

189 x 109 cm

Euro 4500

PA09 - Portrait of a woman

Shanxi province

19th century or earlier

179 x 146,5 cm

Euro 1700

PA07 - Ancestor-painting portraying five generations

Shanxi province

Mid 19th century

142 x 83 cm


PA05 - Portrait of a couple with two servants in the background

18th or even 19th century

130 x 98 cm

Euro 725

PA22 - A Sino-Tibetan Buddhist painting

Southwest China

Euro 1850

PA20 - A large size ancestor painting depicting five generations

Shanxi province

2nd half 19th century

147 x 265 cm

Euro 1150

PA18 - Portrait of a couple with two attendents in the background

Shanxi province

late 18th or early 19th century

83 x 100cm

Euro 875

PA14 - Portrait of a man in Qing clothing

Shanxi province

First half 19th century

220 x 123 cm

Euro 1400

PA04 - Portrait of a 6th rank civil officer with his two wives

Not later than 1800

153 x 120 cm

Euro 1625